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Al Bait Al Shami Café & Restaurant opened for the first in the year 2001 in the State of Qatar. The restaurant is part of Al Amer Group, which was established in 1997. Over the years Al Bait Al Shami Restaurant & Café was able to gain a wide customer base along with an outstanding reputation for reliability, trust and unique services.

Al Bait Al Shami Restaurant has become a favorite place to eat for both locals and tourists, thanks to itstasty food, friendly atmosphere, and great service. Today, the restaurant is run by the next generation of the family that started it. “We are committed to continuing what our parents and grandparents started”.


Syrian Restaurant in Dubai

About Menu

Our menu is considerably sized offering a collection of Syrian and common international items with a common theme. We often serve selections of appetizers, known as meze, before the main course.

The Arabic flatbread Khubz is complimentary and always served together with the meze. Our food mostly consists of Southern Mediterranean, Greek, and Southwest Asian dishes. The main dishes are Kibbeh, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Labneh, Shawarma, Sujuk, Mashawi, Baklava and Umm Ali.

Common international items as French Fries, Samosas, Chicken Nuggets, Cordon Bleu, Steak, Escalope, Macaroni and Sea Food are included in the menu.

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